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RSVP to Multiple Events

Step 1

Start by Entering the Name and Email Address under which your tickets will be held.
First Name:
Last Name:

Step 2

Enter the pass #'s of the individuals for whom you are making reservations.
Pass #(s):
(Separate multiple pass holders numbers with a comma)

Step 3

Toggle the switch next to each Film you want to attend to reserve your space.
A ticket for each pass holder listed above will be held under the Name provided.

DO NOT attempt to register pass holders for different shows; instead, fill out this form separately for each pass holder.

Press the RSVP now button at the bottom when you're done.

John Waters Live

Step 4:

Review the shows that each passholder will attend and press the RSVP button.
An email confirming your selections will be sent to the email addresss provided above.