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2016 SFIFF Announces First Ten Feature Film Selections

(Wednesday, 9/07/2016) The Santa Fe Independent Film Festival represents Santa Fe as a world-class destination for films and theaters. These first 10 announced titles comprise about one-fourth of the feature films to be shown at the festival this October and will be followed with a full line-up of short films, educational events and parties at the hottest venues in downtown Santa Fe. Stay tuned for Opening Night and Closing Night announcements. Save the date for the eighth annual Santa Fe Independent Film Festival October 19-23, 2016. Early-bird Festival Passes are available at Individual tickets and full schedule will be available by mid September.

Staying Vertical
Directed by Alain Guiraudie
Filmmaker Leo is searching for the wolf in the south of France. During a scouting excursion he is seduced by Marie, a free-spirited and dynamic shepherdess. Nine months later she gives birth to their child. Suffering from post-natal depression and with no faith in Leo, who comes and goes without warning, Marie abandons both of them. Leo finds himself alone, with a baby to care for. It's not easy, but deep down, he loves it. Through a series of unexpected and unusual encounters, struggling to find inspiration for his next film, Leo will do whatever it takes to stay standing.

Trespass Against Us
Directed by Adam Smith
Trespass Against Us is set across three generations of the Cutler family who live as outlaws in their own anarchic corner of Britain's richest countryside. Chad Cutler (Michael Fassbender) is heir apparent to his bruising criminal father, Colby (Brendan Gleeson) and has been groomed to spend his life hunting, thieving and tormenting the police. But with his own son, Tyson (Georgie Smith) coming of age, Chad soon finds himself locked in a battle with his father for the future of his young family. When Colby learns of Chad's dreams for another life he sets out to tie his son and grandson into the archaic order that has bound the Cutler family for generations. He engineers a spectacular piece of criminal business involving a heist, a high-speed car chase and a manhunt, which leaves Chad bruised and bloodied and with his very freedom at stake.

Maya Angelou And Still I Rise
Directed by Bob Hercules and Rita Coburn Whack
Skillfully crafted with heart and ease, this film reflects the vibrant spirit of an American civil rights legend who was determined to live her philosophies and fought for what she believed in.

No Light and No Land Anywhere
Directed by Amber Sealey
Grieving her mother's death and her own failing marriage, Lexi boards a plane from London to Los Angeles in search of the estranged father who abandoned her when she was three years old. Based out of a seedy Hollywood motel, she follows a tenuous trail of breadcrumbs, collecting numbers and addresses in the hopes that one will lead to her father, while establishing unexpected connections along the way. A stranger in the City of Angels, Lexi's reckless searching leads to cautious discoveries in an atmospheric and introspective quest.

Thank You for Your Service
Directed by Tom Donahue
The U.S. military faces a mental health crisis of historic proportions. Thank You for Your Service takes aim at our superficial understanding of war trauma and the failed policies that result. Director Tom Donahue (Casting By) interweaves the stories of four Iraq War veterans with candid interviews of top military and civilian leaders. Observing the systemic neglect, the film argues for significant internal change and offers a roadmap of hope.

One Week and a Day
Directed by Asaph Polonsky
Asaph Polonsky's debut feature ONE WEEK AND A DAY juxtaposes the grieving process against the immutable fact that, despite the most painful losses imaginable, the world stops for no one's mourning. With endearing performances from Shai Avivi and Evgenia Dodina as Eyal and Vicky, and Tomer Kapon as Zooler, ONE WEEK AND A DAY provides a nuanced perspective on loss that is as merciless as it is funny and insightful.


Fire at Sea
Directed by Gianfranco Rosi
Winner of the Golden Bear at the Berlinale 2016, FIRE AT SEA captures life on the Italian island of Lampedusa, a frontline in the European migrant crisis.

Directed by Gina Abatemarco
In an epic battle against the world's biggest polluters -- the oil and gas corporations -- Kivalina, a tiny village in Northwest Alaska struggles to survive and save itself from the consequences of global warming.

Le Dep
Directed by Sonia Boileau
Le Dep is a psychological drama about Lydia, a young Innu woman who works at her father's convenience store in a small First Nations community. One night, a masked robber holds her at gunpoint. Before long, she will have to make decisions that will change the course of her life.

Uncle Howard
Directed by Aaron Brookner
Director Howard Brookner died of AIDS in NYC in 1989 while in post-production on his breakthrough Hollywood movie. His body of work has been buried for 30 years in William Burroughs' bunker until his nephew Aaron unearths his uncle's story and the memory of everything he was.

Early Bird Passes Available now for $250 ($50 off full festival pass price).