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Blake Lewis, Box Office Manager

Blake was born a Southern "peach" in rural South-Eastern Georgia but raised in Northern New Mexico for the majority of her life. As a graduate of the University of New Mexico, Blake has built her community and network throughout the state and throughout the country by participating, volunteering, and producing various events and functions.

Blake has also been involved in film and photography for over 10 years; from being in front of the camera, as well as behind it. Learning her way around sets by first becoming an extra/stand-in, she then worked her way in to various projects from documentaries, feature films, independent films, music videos and advertising photography as a producer, casting assistant, stylist, and set dresser.

Her interests range from offering teachings in wellness and Yoga, nutrition,
modeling and photography, event production and organizing, crafting and art, sustainable practices, and building conscious and mindful networks of people.

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