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Shorts Program 7: Experimental Shorts

Coyote Directed by Javier Barboza - A human smuggler (also know as a coyote) describes his process and the mechanics of slipping between the Mexico and U.S. border.

MeTube 2 - August Sings Carmina Burana Directed by Daniel Moshel - After Elfie and her nerdy son August successfully proved themselves on their home webcam in MeTube 1, the odd pair venture onto the street to present the biggest, boldest, and sexiest operatic flash mob the internet has ever witnessed!

The Postmodern Pioneer Plaque Directed by Boris Kozlov - Four decades after Carl Sagan created the "Pioneer Plaque" as Humanity's first message to extraterrestrial civilizations, the World gets together to collectively compose a new message.

Shift Directed by Amanda Moran - Bay Area vertical dance company BANDALOOP journeys across the Sierra using climbing technology to access back-country sites including a 2900 foot dance wall.

BANDALOOP challenges the boundaries of site-specific performance, re-imagining what dance can be and where it can take place.

Stations Directed by Jane Terry - A transistor radio serves as a conduit for messages from beyond the grave. A kaleidoscope of recycled memories ensues.

Subotika: Land of Wonders Directed by Peter Volkart - Subotika, a little-known island on the other side of the globe. An enchanting country with extraordinary sights, grand visions and a couple of minor problems.

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When: Sun. Oct. 23, 2016 3:30 PM
Where: CCA Studio, CCA
Origin: USA
Genre: Shorts 7: Experimental Shorts, Shorts
Runtime: 11

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