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Shorts 4: Popularity Contest

An Average Story Directed by Yaniv Segalovich - When Avi Cohen is told by the Central Bureau of Statistics that he is the most average man who ever lived, his life is turned upside down.

Chopping Onions Directed by Adinah Dancyger - A young girl struggles to make sense of her multi-cultural heritage against the backdrop of New York City.
Enfant Terrible Directed by Ricky Tollman - When two low-level employees at an art gallery realize a terrible mistake has been made, they race to fix it before anyone finds out.

I Used to be Famous Directed by Eddie Sternberg - Two worlds collide on a bench in Peckham when Vince Denman, a has-been pop star trying to forge a comeback, meets Stevie, a talented young man who helps to show Vince the power and beauty of true music for the first time.

Rated Directed by John Fortson - Maggie, a wife and mother, must find the courage to own up to her behavior when she wakes to find every adult has received a YELP-like star rating floating above their head and while everyone has a shining 4 or 5 stars, Maggie's got just 2.5!
Sing for your Supper Directed by Mu Sun - In a totalitarian world where one only eats as well as they can sing, a man must overcome his bout of laryngitis if he ever wants to eat again.

Twisted Directed by Stuart Bowen - At a school reunion, our socially awkward hero must win the girl of his Middle School dreams through a balloon battle with his old bully and school nemesis.

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When: Sat. Oct. 22, 2016 4:00 PM
Where: CCA Studio, CCA
Genre: Shorts 4: Popularity Contest, Shorts

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