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Shorts Program 6: Animation Shorts

This program is not suitable for all ages, Ages 16+.
Adam Directed by Evelyn Jane Ross - In the beginning of them She created us.

Another Everest Directed by Alek Kosinski - A retired mountain climber triumphs over new challenges.

Araan Directed by Jorge Dayas - While two enemies fight each other on the battlefield's front lines, their respective daughters await their homecoming.

Carlo Directed by Ago Panin - Carlo is just a regular guy who keeps a secret world hidden inside his closet.
T.P Directed by Bob Blevins and Bradley Werley - A na?ve roll of toilet paper in a gas station bathroom resolves to escape after the horrifying realization of what fate has in store.

Lend A Hand For Love Directed by John Thompson - Two timid people break free from their joyless lives to find love while their hands hands break free to elope in a love affair of their own.
Life Smartphone Directed by Chenglin Xie - While everyone stays deeply immersed in their screens, a domino effect of disasters is occurring. Look up!

Limbo Limbo Travel Directed by Zsuzsanna Kreif and Borb?la Z?t?nyi - A group of solitary and disillusioned women take the "Limbo-Limbo" Bus to a distant exotic country to find the happiness they desire.

The Orchestra Directed by Mikey Hill - In a world filled with beautiful and harmonious music, elderly Vernon always seems to strike the wrong note.

Pokey Pokey Directed by Junjie Zhang - A father starts a journey to figure out the best way to protect his son from seeing the filthiness in a crime-ridden city.

Taking Flight Directed by Brandon Oldenburg - A boring day with Grandpa turns into a larger-than-life journey through the power of imagination.

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When: Fri. Oct. 21, 2016 1:00 PM
Where: CCA Studio
Genre: Shorts 6: Animation Shorts, Shorts

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