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Santa Fe Student Shorts

Bunee: The Boy from Constanța Directed by Bunee Tomlinson - After spending the first six years of his life in the dreadful Romanian orphanage system of the 1980's and 1990's, a young boy searches for something to drive him in his new world and discovers that filmmaking could be the engine for his personal growth.
Carmen Directed by Giuseppe Cardaci - Outside an audition room a group of hopeful actresses is waiting for their turn to audience for the lead role of the iconic opera Carmen. One of them in particular, Carmen Frasquita, is about to face the challenge of her life while the judges are going to see a performance never seen before.
Fad-ulous Directed by Tia Lipworth and Meera Bhakta - Stella's classmates are all obsessed with a new fad: neon mustaches. Stella doesn't want to wear one, but the peer pressure is building...
Giraffe Directed by Brendan Boyle - A man struggles in his attempt to parent a stuffed animal Giraffe.
I Am Thy Weapon Directed by Razelle Benally - A young Navajo woman comes home years after her older sister's murder to find healing, while trying to stay away from her vandalistic past.
Jesse Eisenberg Uses the Urinal Directed by Alec Brown - Oscar-nominee Jesse Eisenberg can play a captivating know-it-all in theaters, but there is one skill the actor doesn't know.
Karkutong Directed by Zoe Dahmen - When a bumbling bank robber (Michael Welch, "The Twilight Saga") holds three office workers at gunpoint, one unlucky employee (Travis Hammer, "Manhattan") is confident Karkutong can save the day.
Marvin and Mavis Directed by Joshua Leftwich - Marvin collects space rocks on a deserted planet. Mavis is an adventurous traveler, hitchhiking her way through the stars. Amid the barren landscape, Marvin and Mavis find each other.
Monrovia in Ruin Directed by Toby McCall Sides - An ambitious video journalist struggles to help a nation in the midst of an epidemic.
Parallax Directed by Kyle Sherling - A wiggle-stereoscopic music video that follows a girl after the traumatic loss of her sister in a drowning accident, in which she must cope with the loss as well as a new fear of water.
Trombone Directed by Destiny Trahern - A lonely trombone player learns to embrace his differences to create his own music.

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When: Thu. Oct. 20, 2016 5:30 PM
Where: Jean Cocteau Cinema
Genre: Santa Fe Student Shorts, Shorts

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