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Set in the breathtaking expanses of Scotland‚ÄTMs countryside & Edinburgh proper, Harry & Avis is a romantic comedy following two eccentric lovers who take a camping trip to Loch Lomond National Park. This spontaneous camping trip is meant to invigorate the couple‚ÄTMs relationship, but Harry‚ÄTMs neurotic existential ponderings interfere. As Harry finds himself contemplating life‚ÄTMs perplexing questions, Avis tries her best to remind him the importance of care-free spontaneity. Just as the two begin to find a middle ground, they find themselves in the midst of a mystery.

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When: Sat. Oct. 17, 2015 3:45 PM
Where: Violet Crown Small
Director: Nathan Hollis
Origin: USA
Genre: New Mexico True, Narrative, Comedy
Runtime: 77

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