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Xavier Horan

Xavier has worked in the post sound industry for the past 10 years with some of the leading directors, producers, and studios in the industry. As a former sound supervisor at Sound Delux for 10 years, Xavier has worked as a sound supervisor, sound editor and ADR supervisor were he has helped build the creative sound elements for some of the most memorable top box office movies. Some of Xavier's former accomplishments within sound started in music were he has worked with some of the biggest bands in the world including The Rolling Stones. Upon completing the Bigger Bang album, Xavier moved into Post Sound, working for Sound Delux where he became widely known as one of the top and youngest sound supervisors due to his ambition and leadership when pushing his creative teams to excel within their creative aspect of post sound.
Xavier worked on many blockbuster movies including Fast 5, Fast and Furious, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Bourne Ultimatum (Oscar Winner), Blood Diamond, Its Complicated and American Gangster.

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